Jul 13, 2012

Communism & Youth | A Hollow Artifact With An Absent Public

Dokumentari HIÇ nga Inida Gjata ZHAKU.

Pjesa e Parë | Part One

A documentary about the Albanian people over the last 26 years, from the death of dictator Enver Hoxha until today. 
What is communism for the young generation? What caused the propaganda and what still causes  a poor and submitted society? Why history has to be removed? Why the society has to react and how? Why are we all part of a destructive society? Why is Nothing being such a big deal? This is the first part of it.


Pjesa e Dytë | Part Two

After the Pyramid was proclaimed Grave of the Dictator and after the building was considered the source of a Ghost, the decision was to demolish it and to build there a parliament to celebrate the 100 years of independence
But the citizens of Tirana started to protest uninterruptedly. First without any lights and medias and with hundreds of people. Until the day of a great Meeting of more than 6000 citizens against the demolishing of this building very important for the history and the city. This is the second part of it.


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