Apr 29, 2013

Prishtina Central Mosque Competition Designs | No Winners Yet

The international architecture competition to design the Central Mosque of Prishtina, Kosovo has ended without a definite winner.

Here are a few of the top designs (via). Any thoughts?

MI’RAJ is one of two parts of the night ascension journey that the Islamic prophet Muhammad took in one night. It has been described as both a physical and spiritual journey. The proposal, MI’RAJ, is about a journey of ascension to prayer and the spatial experience that evolves. As the ascension to prayer begins, a sequence of events unfolds. (for more info + photos go here)

Courtesy of APTUM

TALLER 301 and L+CC
The main idea is to re-interpret the elements that constitute the Mosque, without pushing the limits of the already established principles of Islamic Architecture. Our approach to the question of catching ‘the soul of the time’ in a strongly pre-determined typology is as follows:

  • Mosque, as the center of a ‘modern’ community
  • Tranquility, Continuity and Unity
  • Prayer as an individual and collective activity
  • Circle and Light, as integrative elements of design
(for more info + photos go here)

Courtesy of Taller 301 and L+CC

The words such as direction, plaza, water, function and plan, shape, beauty fullness and sustainability create this architectural text. The way of composing these elements and creating a space due to this architectural concept produces a complicated space and full of findings and changes.
The mission of this text is presenting an image from this procedure. 
(for more info + photos go here)

Courtesy of Tarh O Amayesh

The biggest architecture value is to achieve transmitting elements from predecessor which in this case is the Grand Mosque of Prishtina (Sulltan Mehmet Fatih Mosque). By analyzing the typology of this Mosque we developed the concept by using same elements to design the plan pattern. We wanted to create this transfer bridge between the past and the future. (for more info + photos go here)

Courtesy of Maden Group

There was no 1st prize, but two tied 2nd Prizes & one 3rd Prize awarded by the selected jury:

Tied 2nd Prizes:

Courtesy of 21PR22

Courtesy of 1025AC

3rd Prize:
Courtesy of 487DH

** The jury was comprised of Amir Pašić, Naim Tërnava, Sabri Bajgora, Ibrahim Numan, Attilio Petruccioli, Muhamet Morina, and Jusuf Xhibo.


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