Oct 24, 2013

Featured Exhibit | What Do You Make of This?

 AIRLAB residency program 2013 final exhibition 

Anila Rubiku (Albania/Italy)
Wendelin Pressl (Austria)

October 28, 2013 @19:00hr

In the framework of Anila Rubikus project Albania, Women, Justice and the Law a panel discussion will take place @7.30pm. Policy makers and civil society actors will discuss the rights and conditions of women and the role of artist as social catalyst.

“Albania, Women, Justice and the Law” is a community art project held in Tirana with women prisoners at Ali Demi Prison 325 (in collaboration with British psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Adams).

Today, most of the incarcerated women in Albania are behind bars for the murder of their husbands. Motive? They have been victims of extraordinary violence and abuse for many years.

How can we increase social awareness on domestic violence, council the victims, and educate women (& men) on their (human) rights?

This project uses art and psychology to explore the weakening effect domestic violence against women and children has on the Albanian society. Through art and psychology, these incarcerated women are able to express the most intimate moments of their suffering experiences. What happens to them? What happens to their families when they're behind bars?  


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