Dec 9, 2013

Featured Presentation | Why Tirana Needs An Art Library?

The Future Library Unconference is underway in Athens, Greece with a two-day event gathering over 400 library aficionados to interact, network and exchange ideas.  If interested, check it out live, here. I would recommend listening to Adela Dementja's talk on Why Tirana needs an art library, and what she's doing to make it happen.

Why Tirana needs an art library?
Tirana Art Lab is currently creating and establishing an open library of artists’ catalogues, publications on art theory, as well as a selection of international art magazines. The art library will be situated in the underground anti atomic Bunker building, placed in the very center of the city, built during the communist regime. The presentation will point out why for Tirana Art Lab having an art library is even more important than having a permanent exhibition space in the city.

Curator's info:

Adela Demetja, Curator/Director
Tirana Art Lab – Center For Contemporary Art

Adela Demetja is a curator born in Tirana, Albania. She holds a Master in Curatorial and Critical Studies from Städelschule and Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She is one of the founders and director of Tirana Art LabCentre for Contemporary Art based in Tirana. She curated a number of international exhibitions and events in different European countries. Among the artists Demetja has featured in solo exhibitions are: Damir Ocko and Armando Lulaj. Recent thematic exhibitions she has curated include: The aesthetic of the small act at Action Field Kodra in Thessaloniki (with Att Poomtangon, Jens Haaning, Karmelo Bermejo, Flaka Haliti, Lana Cmajcanin), Voices of Truth in Villa Romana in Florence (with Adrian Paci, Ibro Hasanovic, Damir Ocko).


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