May 8, 2014

Quick Thoughts On Slow Efforts

Watching the video below, a few thoughts and questions come to mind. 

What is the landscape of post-communist industry, more specifically chemical [or any for that matter] industry in Albania
Is it in use? Where? When? How? 
Who has control over it? 
What's its relationship with the 'Sustainability' Movement we're pushing for? 
What is the process from making to destruction dumping the unwanted
How do these dumping sites affect the city/life today? Its landscape? [here]
What about the future? How are they designed (if at all)? Can their present (state of being) sustain their future? 
What is their infrastructure
How does their artificiality co-exist with the natural bodies of water, land, air and civilization?
How can we start thinking about 'zones of exclusions', post-human error sites and their futures? 
What if this context was Gërdec? What is the future of tragic abandoned sites?

Of Monsters and Men.
Future city/life will grow from a ruined history.
Humanity will be the Other.
Damaged as Species. 
Timid in Overexposure. 
Mis/scaled in Habitation. 
Quarantined in Contagiousness. 

So, in our attempts to design the [future] smart city, let's not focus [only] on technological advances but the possibility of [its] destruction and [re]mutation from a failed relationship between man and machine. 

A Mis/communication. 
A caprice. 
An accident. 
A coup.
Incompetent Bureaucracy.
Fear that leads to Consequential Possibilities. 
An awareness that covers [more] ground beyond self [interest].



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