Oct 2, 2016

Postcards from Tirana | In Search of Missing Messages

Decoding the city through postcards.

I made a few simple postcards with borrowed imagery and text, which I now call Assembly/ies of the Entr-acte \\ The Albanian Public(s). Let me know what you think. ☺

An empty amusement park makes a great PUBLIC hide out

Frontier of Enlightened PUBLIC Extinction

 Six Corpses in Search of a PUBLIC:
- Garden of Excess 
- Abyss of Delight
 1. The Persistence of Memory - National Historical Museum
2. The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory - "15 kateshi" / 1st Skyscraper 
(vertical typology)
3. Old Age 4. Adolescence 5. Infancy - Lived / Character / Identity (Ottoman, Culture, Municipality)
6. The Artist's Despair / Before the Grandeur of Ruins - Artist Heresy / Public Skirmishes
Skanderbeg Square - PUBLIC


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