Mar 2, 2012

New Image of Albania @TEDxTirana

Check out this TEDxTirana talk by Suela Kusi on E-Marketing a New Image of Albania.
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Suela Kusi is presently Director of European Integration and Coordination of International Cooperation in the Albanian Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports. She is responsible at ensuring effectively co-ordination the foreign assistance to directly support the Government’s priorities in the field of tourism, culture, youth and sports. Since 2005 she is senior lecturer of “Human Rights” and “Development Theory” in the Department of Social Work, at University of Tirana. Her main areas of interest and expertise include research in social sciences human rights and development issues. Her experiences in these areas include qualitative and quantitative research focused especially on issues related to human rights, children rights, poverty reduction and development policies etc. In addition, she has various experiences in compiling training manual and conducting trainings in the area of human rights and issues related to it, such as education, health, child protection, gender-based violence, poverty reduction and development. 

Suela Kusi - E-motives of Marketing the New Image of Albania from TEDxTirana on Vimeo.

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