Feb 7, 2013

Open Invitation | International Human Rights Film Festival Albania

IHRFFA - International Human Rights Film Festival Albania is now accepting submissions for its 8th edition.
" Human Rights in Albania have been an important issue to be solved during the years of transition. Despite the taken measures, there are still serious human rights violations in the Albanian society. Several organizations operate in this field with their methodology dealing mainly with sensitizing seminars, awareness campaigns, services offered to the people, etc.
The International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania (IHRFFA) comes with a new way of educating people with the human rights concepts. Constituted as a cultural platform for the dissemination and awareness rising of the people on human rights issues, it operates through using image as its instrument.
IHRFFA includes in its program documentary and fiction movies dealing with human rights that are sensitive especially for the Albanian society. This event brings to the public’s attention similar experiences from all over the world and by using image as its tool, the impact is stronger and direct."
Film Submission Deadline: AUGUST 1, 2013

Here is last year's trailer:



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