Nov 27, 2013

Featured Event | “A Different Mentality” Conference on Youth, Culture & Creativity

Another event worth attending (@National Historical Museum, Tirana) this weekend. Don't miss and don't forget to send notes, highlights, feedback, and questions our way.

The conference on youth, culture, and creativity titled “A Different Mentality” is a two-day event that aims to create an initial spark that would (hopefully) become a dynamic process in the future. 
The conference, open to the public, welcomes all youth organizations, artists, architects, designers and activists to focus on and discuss culture and creativity as ways to influence social space and consequently empowering youth as active citizens.It is the first step for policy-makers, mass-media and civil society to recognize cultural and creative importance as a necessary dimension for social development and welfare. The event is organized by the Department of Youth Policy, Ministry of Culture, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, UNDP.

November 29, 2013

19:00 hrs 

Dept. of Youth Policy Coordination 

-On the importance of culture and creativity as strategic sectors in developing youth capacity and improving social conditions.
Ministry of Culture

-Ministry's strategy on cultural education of youth and IPA funding opportunities.
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung 

-Foundation's view on the role culture and youth activism play and the specific importance in Albania.

22:00 hrs
Live performance by Rron Qena & Ermal Rodi

23:30 hrs
Live performance by Genc Salihu

00:30 hrs
Live performance by Dardan Ramabaja

November 30, 2013

14:00 hrs

Alban Nimani (Professor of Design, Academy of Arts, Prishtina)

-On collaborations among youth organizations, galleries, art institutions and foundations in organizing joint cultural events with a social impact. 
Luigi De Luca (Vice President, Apuglia Film Commission, Italy
-On working with youth in film and social issues.
Andreas Ruby (Architect/Journalist, UK

-On various disciplines that constitute creativity today and the opportunities to make different projects from these fields.

16:00 hrs

Break: DJ-set (Minimim)
Free to mingle with other attendants and guests/visit museum collections

17:00 hrs


Elian Stefa (Executive Director, Concrete Mushrooms, Albania

-On the aesthetics of communist architectural heritage, artistic and pragmatic reuse of bunkers.
Vera Sacchetti (Editor and Communications Director, Portugal) 
-On the importance and nature of communication structures in artistic and cultural activities.
Merve Yucel (International Relations Coordinator, IKSV, Turkey
-On the successful projects of IKSV and the importance of international cultural networks. 
Alec Dudson (Editor-in-Chief, Intern Magazine, UK
-On creative fundraising for individual projects and the importance of unpaid or underpaid talents.

End of Conference.

22:00 hrs
Live performance by Permit of Stay

23:00 hrs
Live performance by Alban Nimani & Faton Dolaku

00:30 hrs
Live performance by Funky Villainz & Larssen


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