Mar 4, 2014

Open Invitation | BBB Short Film Festival 2014 “Dare To Repeat”

Balkans Beyond Borders has opened the call for submissions for the: 5th edition of Short Film Festival 2014, DARE TO REPEAT.

Artists 35 years of age and younger are invited to participate. The open call submission will run through July 1st, 2014, and this 5th edition of the BBB Short Film Festival will take place in Sarajevo sometime in October 2014.

This year's theme is “Dare to Repeat”:
- Repetition as one of the most used strategies in contemporary art, literature, music, theatre, dance and film.
- Repetition not as occurrence of the same, but as the difference and creative activity of transformation that produces variations through the act of repetition.

- Repetition as a new experience, encouraging new discoveries and experiments, with different expressions emerging each time.
- Repetition produced via difference and not mimesis.
- Repeat = to begin anew again.
- Repetition as transformation, as concept between identical, different and seemingly like, copy and original, primary and consequent, bringing about a reflection on contemporary issues.

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