Mar 15, 2014

Otherness | Misc. Projects of the Week

These are some of the awesome (I think) videos circulating the web this week. #otherness  

The Bunker of the Last Gunshots | Jeunet & Caro
A group of army men looking a bit disturbed is confined to a bunker. When one of them discovers a dial showing that a countdown has begun, everyone panicks.What is going to happen at the end of the countdown? In this heavily tense atmosphere they all sink gradually into deep madness. (via)

Superscope | Clark
 I wanted to make tracks that had subtle depth and longevity but were simple and hooky enough to work on the dance floor. They've been tried and tested many times in different ways at all of my recent live shows. It was also really important to tie the oscilloscope imagery visuals into the art work. All in all I was hoping a singular, potent slab of techno that could be matched with accompanying visuals for the live show. Clark

Confluence | Noah Shulman
Confluence: A convergence of two streams or flows into one point. This film explores microscopic worlds, structures and meanings that exist beyond the naked eye. Confluence was shot using speciality macro lenses and microscopes shot in 4K resolution to bring a hyper-realistic image to life. Confluence was filmed as part of the exhibit Mental Fabrications. (via)


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