Jun 25, 2013

Featured Project | Performing the East

Dr. Amy Bryzgel is a lecturer in History of Art at the University of Aberdeen, where she teach courses on modern and contemporary art, with a focus on art from Central and Eastern Europe, especially performance art.

She is traveling through Eastern Europe (Baltics & Balkans) to research Performance Art for her book (Performance Art in Eastern Europe). Her first stop was Albania, where she met and interviewed artists, curators, art historians, and critics in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of local arts & culture. 
‘‘ The research itself is in many ways performative. As I attempt to tell the tale of performance art in Eastern Europe, I must retrace its steps, step into the paths of the artists, and endeavor, in my own way, to perform the East.’’ -A.B
Check out the project and follow her travels at: Performing the East.
Also, read her posts on Albania, its artists and the emerging local creative scene on her blog.


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