Jun 2, 2013

The Art of Space Photography | Capturing The Beauty of Outer Space

**Creative Sunday Series

Edhe pse bukuria e hapësirës nuk është motivi kryesor për ta fotografuar atë​​, ajo është një prej derivateve më intrigues. Imazhet kozmike komunikojnë madhështinë e universit dhe nxisin kuriozitete thelbësore mbi çka mund të jetë atje. 

‘‘ Space presents a fantastic mystery to human life. Unfathomably large, with characteristics that defy our experience and understanding, the stars have perplexed and amazed humanity for our entire recorded history, and likely before. In the present, astrophysicists and astronomers are aggressively studying the universe in an attempt to solve critical scientific and philosophical questions. One of the primary tools for measurement and observation is imaging using cameras connected to powerful telescopes on Earth and in space. And although it's not the primary motivation for photographing space, beauty is one of the most intriguing byproducts. Images of space communicate the grandeur of the universe, and spark essential curiosities about what may be out there waiting for us once we make our way into the stars.’’

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