Apr 8, 2014

Featured Thought | Possible Collaboration?

Lately, Facebook and other social media conversations between most of us in the creative fields, have been lengthy, participatory and more constructive in voicing frustrations, expectations, means to ends and possible discourse, than any conference, festival or even conversation over coffee has ever produced about art and culture in Albania. I like the many directions this conversation has taken and I applaud the courage of the ones that publicly take on such a “messy” subject force that continues to fight them from a defensive position (a response defined as: very anxious to challenge or avoid criticism). 

So, I've been thinking, why not join forces and collaborate in a free, open-source collection (maybe an e-publication) of opinions, works, and what have you that include: literary writings, slam poetry, spatial and structural moments, artistic interpretations, philosophy bits, socio/anthropology research, historical facts, futuristic speculations, live performances, film and still shots; anything that would counter-voice what culture and art institutions in Albania have been selling for years, and multi-dimensionally challenge their course. I don't mean this to be a negation of what many Albanian artists and other creatives are currently doing, but more of an incentive, a boost of confidence as they move forward in their careers. And, as I mentioned above, this would be something of an anti-festival/conference. Not that they are particularly non-significant, but because most of us cannot be present and thus cannot express ourselves through participation. (more on this later)

As an anthology of voices, it should be very open in terms of coverage but I'd like to focus on the subject of SCAPEGOAT(ing) and take it from there. It has to be a collective effort, an accelerated future heritage (if you will) and I would like to work with as many as you as possible (or as interested). If you have any other suggestions, ideas or recommendations please let me know. Let's do this. ☺   

To start I would recommend you all read this piece by Eriola Pira.


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