Aug 27, 2013

Urban Territory & Economic Model Conference in Tirana | Architecture in Albania

Albanian Media has been buzzing lately with news of a new architectural and urban challenge and hopefully consequent change, this time from the newly elected PM Edi Rama (here & here). A conference titled "Shqiperia e Gjenerates se Re/Tjeter" (Albania of the New/Next Generation) is underway in Tirana

Over 30 architects, urban planners, and economists from all over the world (not sure if there are any albanians in the mix) are invited to attend and discuss the future of a sustainable urban territory/adequate infrastructure and a possible economic model to go with it. 

We have talked about this, many many times before. Issues of inadequate and insufficient infrastructural systems to provide enough water, electricity, roads, public safety, economic development and social education for the growing urban informality. Issues with politicizing our landmarks, privatizing our historical sites (utopian tiranaand selling out natural resources that could lead to potential sustainable economies... and much more (balkans)

So, what can a 2-day conference do

and the waiting game begins... 
[Not that it ever went away. I am still waiting on the winning projects for Lana and the Boulevard. Hopefully, the ink has dried out on those plans.] 

Too many years of speculation, a plethora of proposals, citizen protests, informal debates, and whatever else you can think of... the uncertain status-quo of Albanian territory and its displaced public

Architecture of Spectacle... 

I will remain hopeful but very skeptical... until the above challenges aren't only philosophical but they get executed. 
I am tired of talking about change. I want to see it happen for a change (pun intended). 
It's long overdue. What do you think? 


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