Apr 26, 2013

Reuse: Not only for the Eco-Friendly | Cut, Copy, Paste: Remixing Culture

Internet (as a tool and enabler) has fundamentally changed our culture - the way we make, distribute and get paid for things.
The biggest explosion of creativity is happening as a result of:
1. Access to Media
2. Instant Publishing
What about copyright ©?
What's the legality of a remix?

March 2013 Portland/CreativeMornings speaker was Andy Baio, writer and coder who loves making things. . The global theme was "Reuse," and Andy spoke about remix culture:
" Cut, copy, paste. The ability to reuse and remix is so deeply baked into our tools, it's rewritten our culture. We learn to make great art by copying, and we participate in our culture by reusing and modifying what we see. But the law hasn't caught up with our changing values, effectively criminalizing the creativity of millions. Cover songs on YouTube, fanfic, mashups, and supercuts all violate copyright, and lawyers are starting to find new tools to discover and enforce infringement. Welcome to the new Prohibition."

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