Oct 6, 2011

Featured Artist | Anri Sala

Anri Sala

1395 DAYS WITHOUT RED In collaboration with Ari Benjamin Meyers.

Showing at the Pompidou Centre:
October 7-8 2011
20h30 (60 mn)

1395 Days Without Red was conceived, developed and filmed as a collaborative film project by Sejla Kameric and Anri Sala. It was made in collaboration with Liria Begeja and Ari Benjamin Meyers.
A film collaboration between Albanian artist Anri Sala and Šejla Kamerić, an artist and film-maker born in Sarajevo in 1976. Kamerić lived through the siege in her late teens, while Sala (born in 1974) grew up under Albanian communism, once making a film about his mother's enthusiastic support for the Enver Hoxha regime. The two artists recreate daily life in Sarajevo between 5 April 1992 and 29 February 1996. Their work shuttles between the streets, with their constant threat of death or maiming, and a rehearsal, by the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, of the first movement of Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony, the Pathétique, conducted by American composer Ari Benjamin Meyers. The musicians play in their overcoats, as they did during the siege, in a Tito-era building used by the populace at the time as a sort of indoor street. (via The Guardian)
The Pompidou Centre is showing the film of Anri Sala.

Anri Sala via CuratedMag
Artisti shqiptar Anri Sala eshte shpallur fitues i ABSOLUT ART AWARD 2011. Projektet e tij (interactive/video) interesohen dhe reflektojne mbi temat e historise dhe kujtimeve, duke perdorur koncepte rrefimi qe sfidojne kufijte e realitetit modern.

Per t'u njohur me mire me artistin si dhe me punen e tij artistike deri tani klikoni ketu CuratedMag.

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