Oct 2, 2013

HIGHRISE | An Open-Source Multi-Media Re-Mix Project

Earlier this week, Highrise made its debut at the 51st annual New York Film Festival as part of the Convergence Program. The project is an interactive, open-source online installation/documentary/film/experiment that explores vertical living around the world. A collaboration of National Film Board of Canada and The New York Times Op-Docs, the interactive experience will launch in the New York Times soon.

The project explores a 2500 year history of vertical living by utilizing digital media. The story is being told by pushing all limits of media genres: bringing together different people to collaborate and share ideas; remixing life with art, cinema with the web and creating a participatory, interactive and networked experience, that will ultimately transform our physical space, our neighborhoods, our cities, our urban landscape.

A Short Story of the Highrise 

[Mud, Concrete, Glass, Home


The Story so far:

PROLOGUE [interactive]

WORLD OF HIGHRISES [interactive]
[check out Albania and/or suggest a highrise]


THE THOUSANDth TOWER [interactive] 

OUT MY WINDOW [interactive]
[if you want to share views from your own video participate here]

INSTALLATION [space in Amsterdam]

**Don't forget to check out New York Times later on this week 
for an interactive launch of the project.



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