Mar 20, 2012

MOBILIciTY | Tirana Multimodel Station Competition

via AWR Competitions   

Among other initiatives, the Municipality of Tirana collects ideas for a new railway station. 
AWR - Architecture Workshop in Rome 
Polis University 
and under the Albanian railway system Patronage, proposes: 

Ideas Competition for the definition of a Masterplan for Tirana’s Intermodal Station
via AWR Competitions  
The international competition will have as the main goal the re-appropriation of the city of Tirana in terms of mobility and transport on iron. In collaboration with the Tirana Municipality, the competition event in Tirana will gather ideas from students and young architects from around the world, in response to the need for a complete renovation of the city. Tirana multimodal station will be the title of the international competition. Even in this case, the head of the jury will be an architect of international renown from the Netherlands. This event of the Tirana Architecture Week requires a different time frame, starting from March 1, 2012, with the registration of the participants and continuing in June with the registration deadline. From July through September, the jury, composed of representatives of each promoter, will give early assessments and will later announce the winners. The work and ideas generated from the event will result in series of possible solutions to consider. The strong international impact and success of this competition will be guaranteed not only by a jury of architects and specialists of international importance but also by the fact that this is the First ever Competition of Ideas on an Intermodal Station organized in Tirana. 
via AWR Competitions   
via AWR Competitions   

With the patronage of :
“POLIS - International School of Architecture & Urban Development Policies”, “Municipality of Tirana”,”TAW - Tirana Architecture Week”, “UNIFE - Università di Ferrara”, “FAF - Facoltà di Architettura di Ferrara”, “ANHALT University of Applied Science”, “HSH Albanian Railways”, “AUA - Albanian Union of Architects”
via AWR Competitions   


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