Mar 8, 2012

Rafting in Albania @TEDxTirana

In this TEDxTirana presentation, Blerina Ago talks about taking up rafting in Albania and turning it into an environmentally friendly, tourism promoting and cultural institution. Listen to her story, her passion and maybe you'll want to give it a try this summer.
Blerina Ago was born in Berat, Albania. She is the founder of 'Berat Festival,' one of the major annual trends in the district. At 14, Blerina becomes the first girl who dares practicing rafting in Albania, a brand new sport for Albanians. Through persistent work she establishes the first sportive association of rafting in Albania, namely the "Albania Rafting Group" and since 26 May 2012 is the General Secretary of the Albanian Rafting Federation. A TEDxTirana Production. All rights reserved.
Blerina Ago - Albania in the Streams of a New Passion from TEDxTirana on Vimeo.

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