May 2, 2013

Open Invitation | Pedagogies of Disaster - continent. conference 2013

June 6-8, 2013  Tirana, Albania

Pedagogies of Disaster is organized to address the fate of relation and the future of pedagogical practice in the University, and especially as it concerns the humanities. We seek to address the infrastructural or interpersonal changes in the modes of production as it relates to current academia. Through this conference we aim to examine the elements and spaces of the rifts opening up in the polis of the University—its students, professors and administrators. Through two general, though not mutually exclusive, topics—Teaching and Being Taught—we desire to address the pedagogical horizon at a critical limit. We ask for whom or for what are we teaching and we ask from whom or from what are we learning?
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Registration Deadline: May 6, 2013


Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei studied classical composition, linguistics, conceptual art, and philosophy in the Netherlands, US, and Switzerland, where he received his PhD at the European Graduate School. He currently studies at the Centre for Modern Thought at the University of Aberdeen. He teaches philosophy at the University of New York in Tirana, Albania, and art theory and politics at the Royal Academy of the Arts, The Hague, Netherlands. Vincent is contributing editor of continent. journal and founder of publishing house Uitgeverij, and published Follow Us or Die (Atropos, 2009; with Jonas Staal) and The Old Nubian Miracle of Saint Mina (Uitgeverij, 2012; with El-Shafie El-Guzuuli).

Agon Hamza will soon defend his PhD in philosophy on Hegel and Althusser at the university of Ljubljana. He is a co-founder and a member of Dialectical Materialism Collective in Prishtina, Kosovo. Hamza is the author of Louis Althusser (Prishtina: KMD, 2011), co-editor of Ese të Zgjedhura, by Slavoj Žižek (Prishtina: DKS, 2009), and an editor of Për Althusserin (Prishtina: KMD, 2012). Currently, he is working on an edited volume on Žižek. His latest publication is a co-authored book with Slavoj Žižek, entitled From Myth to Symptom: The Case of Kosovo (Prishtina: KMD, 2013).

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May 27 - June 5, 2013
Free and open to all participants and Albanian students.

The conference Pedagogies of Disaster will be preceded by an intervention organized by Austrian artist and curator Katharina Stadler, engaging with the educational situation in Albania and resulting in a manifesto.

The intervention is supported by the European Cultural Foundation and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture.

For more info on the conference check out their website.


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