Mar 29, 2013

Albania's Bunker Mentality on PRI's The World

Continuing the subject of Albanian Bunkers as residue of the communist mentality and military paranoia that still linger not so latent(ly). 
In a way they are hidden in plain sight.
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Photo credit: David Galjaard
Here's PRI's The World:

" You know the environmental mantra — reduce, reuse, recycle? Well, this story is kind of about all three.
More than half a million concrete bunkers dot the Albanian landscape. They’re holdovers from the time of Cold War leader Enver Hoxha.
Since the end of Communism, many of the bunkers have been re-purposed. But there are so many, Albanians don’t know what to do with them all.
If you’re looking for a poster boy that embodies “Communist strongman with an iron fist,” Enver Hoxha‘s definitely your guy.
Let’s tick the boxes.
Massive state security apparatus? Check.
Cult of personality? Check.
Rampant paranoia and xenophobia? Check and double check."
(the full transcript at PRI The World) 

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