Apr 1, 2012

Featured Artist | Ballet Preljocaj

**Creative Sunday Series

An inside view of Ballet Preljocaj (1985-2012) 
and the talented genius behind it Angelin Preljocaj.

And Then, One Thousand Years of Peace. Creation 2010
Ballet Preljocaj / Bolshoi Theater 
Choreography - Angelin Preljocaj 
Music - Laurent Garnier 
Scenography - Subodh Gupta 
Costumes - Igor Chapurin

"Working within a poetic and impressionist vein, And then, one thousand years of peace relies on an assiduous but not irrational reading of the Apocalypse. One should thus refrain from looking for images or clichés that illustrate, directly or referentially, Saint John's famous text.A fertile source of interpretation, the very word Apocalypse (from the Greek apo: "to lift" and calypsis: "veil") evokes the idea of revealing, unveiling, or highlighting elements that could be present in our world but are hidden from our eyes. It should thus evoke what is nestled in the innermost recesses of our existence, rather than prophesizing about compulsive waves of catastrophe, irreparable destruction, or the imminent end of the world. When dance, the art of the indescribable par excellence, assumes the role of the developer (in the photographic sense), is it not most able to realize this delicate function of exposing our fears, anxieties, and hopes? Dance relentlessly highlights the entropy of molecules programmed in the memory of our flesh that heralds the Apocalypse of bodies. It stigmatises our rituals and reveals the incongruity of our positions, be they of a social, religious or pagan nature. And then, one thousand years of peace wishes to graze these bodies that drift along blindly, tossed about by ideals and beliefs, somewhat lost between the lines of the Apocalypse (Angelin Preljocaj)."
Bolshoi Theatre:Arsen Karakozov, Anastasia Meskova, Nuria Nagimova, Anton Savichev, Egor Sharkov, Alexander Smolyaninov, Xenia Sorokina, Anna Tatarova, Alexey Torgunakov, Anastasia Vinokur
Ballet Preljocaj:
Sergi Amoros Aparicio, Sergio Diaz, Céline Galli, Natacha Grimaud, Jean-Charles Jousni, Émilie Lalande, Céline Marié, Lorena O'Neill, Fran Sanchez, Nagisa Shirai, Nicolas Zemmour 

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